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The Journey

Features & Specifications - Pool Sizes

Asset 2_3x.png

5.00m (L) x 2.40m (W) | Min Depth 1.10m Max Depth 1.50m

Asset 3_3x.png

6.10m (L) x 2.40m

(W) | Min Depth 1.10m Max Depth 1.60m


Glorious Features

When you own a custom inground fibreglass swimming pool from Nexus Pools, it’s the innovative features that truly make it unique. These elements are strategically integrated into the design of each pool, elevating your swimming experience to a higher level for safety, convenience, and fun.


Bench Seat

Offset from the pool’s edge, the bench seat lets you enjoy the pool without having to tread water. Placed strategically along the perimeter of the pool, this feature provides ample in-pool seating that also offers a back rest. This could be the best seat in the pool!

Sloped Floor

The angle between the pool floor and the horizontal plane, a sloped floor offers a shallow end and a deep end. This provides space for younger children to enjoy the shallower end while older and more advanced swimmers can enjoy the deeper end.

Pool Landscaping.png

What Are You Waiting For?

Take the Plunge. Your Pool Journey Awaits.

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