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Wongawilli - Tropical Garden Oasis

Updated: Jul 2

Its giving laid-back tropical vacation vibes!

This 6.1m x 3.2m mist coloured pool was installed on the vacant block prior to construction of the house, for convenient access. Our team then returned to finish the project when this incredible house build was completed.

The modern tiled pool surrounds of Hiekka Limestone, in 600x400mm coping and crazy pave format, contribute to the modern, tropical feel of this backyard.

The frameless glass provides security around the pool as well as complimenting the modern design.

This project really came together with the client’s choice to plant advanced “Hot Rio Nights” to beautifully frame the perimeter of the property.

Completing this project, our team installed the driveway and landscaped the front yard to harmonise with the backyard design.

tropical backyard oasis

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